Welcome from our School Founder and uur Head of School

As parents, our children are the center of our lives and hope for the future. From the moment they are born, we constantly challenge ourselves to seek the very best for them.  This starts with assuring a safe and healthy environment where they can develop and grow.  We strive to provide them with experiences that encourage the development of the "full child" that lead them to discover their unique talents and ablities. As the Head of School at the American Institute of the Gifted and Talented, my vision is to keep focused on the future and needs of your children, because they are our future.

At AIGT, we recognize that each child is truly unique, and only through an alliance between parents and institution, can we guide them towards an education of the mind and heart. Our commitment to the AIGT community is to work with each family to develop the individual potential of each our students. Through close collaboration with all components of the community, we prepare our students with solid foundations on which they can understand and love themselves so that they can be happy, have courage, be resilient and achieve their absolute potential.

How do we achieve this? Through a program of internationally recognized and stimulating studies that helps our learners build confidence while challenging them to surpass themselves every day.  We provide them with exciting and meaningful experiences and opportunities that motivate them to participate in active learning and take the risks that lead the way for transforming their dreams today into tomorrow's achievements.

I am delighted that you are interested in our institute, and welcome you to be a part of our distinctive educational community where we strive to educate for a better humanity.


Mrs. Windy T. Fama

Head of School, Founder

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